IMC Approval Services

IMC GROUP, having the appropriate marine technical experts, (naval architects, marine lead auditors, marine security auditors etc.), and having invest in technical software (AutoCAD, Autohydro, and build in software systems), has been successfully involved in the filed of elaboration of technical studies and plans. The main advantages of IMC GROUP in this field, is the cost effective solutions, tailor made technical studies, fast and straight forward procedures.


Furthermore, the affiliated company ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION on its capacity as a classification society and recognized organization has been fully authorized to review and approve technical studies on behalf of the Flag Administration that is representing.


Our services in the elaboration and approval of technical studies and plans are listed below:


· Intact/Damage Stability Manual

· A/A Max Calculations

· Loading/Unloading Manual

· Grain Loading Manual

· SOPEP, SMPEP and Panama Canal SOPEP Manuals

· Garbage Management Plan

· Cargo Securing Manual

· Ballast Water Management Plan

· Tonnage Calculation

· Draught Survey Calculations

· Inclining Experiments Calculations

· Ship Security Plans and Risk Assessment ISPS-CODE)

· Safety Management System (ISM CODE)

· Fire & Safety Training Operational Booklets

· CAS 

· General Arrangement Plan

· Capacity Plan

· Damage Control Plan

· Fire Protection Plan

· Life Saving Plan

· Evacuation Plan

· Low Location Light Plan

· Hydrostatic Curves Plan

· Body Lines Plan

· Profile & Decks

· Structural Plan

· Piping (Ballast, Fuel, Sanitary, Bilge & Fresh water) Plan.


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