Other IMC Services

In addition to the Statutory, Class, Registration and Approval services, IMC GROUP through its affiliated company INTERNATIONAL MARITIME CENTRE S.A., is also providing a number of other services to the marine industry. The additional services provided are praiseworthy to IMC

GROUP skilled / proficient reputation, and in compliance to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.


Other services provided, consist of:



IMC GROUP having the experience from the sea going vessels, has developed a team of experts, functioning in the field of the yachts. Services provided for yachts include Supervision of Construction / Repairs, Classification, Registration, Review & Approval of plans & booklets, and Condition Survey.


Since 1991, we have been able to manage successfully different size and type of vessels. Committed to safety, high quality and efficiency, we are constantly updating our ISM and managing system in order to be always in compliance with the International Maritime requirements and regulations. Through our continuous improvement we are proud to offer to ship owners simplify and economical efficient ship managing system for their vessels.


Our experience team is dedicated to represent both Buyers and Sellers interest's with an impartial view in assisting making the right asset disposal or acquisition decision. Our services are provided through the co operation with a worldwide network of brokers, while we are able to develop for sale privately and always with the right discretion vessels from our close owners / operators.


As a result of our surveyors long and in depth experience, continuous training and professionalism, a number of them have been assigned as Flag Inspectors, fully authorized to perform flag inspections on behalf of Panama (ASI) and Georgia Flag Administrations. Additionally our "Principal" surveyors have been successfully undertake Marine Claims and Marine Casualty Investigations on behalf of Owners, Managers, Clubs and Flags Administrations.


IMC Cairo / Egypt branch has been assigned as the official representative office of VIDEOTEL. VIDEOTEL offers complete video and computer training packages for the Marine, Offshore and Health & Safety industry. Furthermore, through the representation of Panama Marine Training Services (PMQS), training courses in accordance to SCTW and dully approved by the Panama Maritime Authority can be provided for crew members either at shore based company premises or on board vessel.


Our recent achievement is the representation of International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) for the areas of Greece and Egypt. Through the representation of the IIMS we can offer services like memberships to the institute for the qualified surveyor , training seminars, long distance courses etc.

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