Our Shipmanagement office is based in Chennai, India. We are staffed by a pool of experienced ex-seafaring officers including chief engineers, master mariners, radio officers, etc. This Department mainly handles the Technical and crewing management of the vessels.

Key Benefits

  • Assured Improved Operations and quality maintenance.
  • Proven track-record in keeping within projected Budget.
  • Very competitive Shipmanagement fees with professional service.


Vessels comprising the Company's Fleet are Owner's Assets entrusted to our Company's Shipmanagement. Our Company's commitment to cost effective but uncompromising custodianship of this trust is paramount.


The Primary functions of our management are to maintain the asset value of ships and to ensure ship's load readiness at all times with a key on prevention of pollution and compliance of requirements set by various regulatory bodies.


Economy in operating costs is achieved through well developed market research systems, impeccable planning of repairs, supplies and surveys and by maintaining a roster of crew with proven track records capable of cutting down repairs costs usually claimed by shore facilities. A great deal of emphasis is placed on selection and retention of fully qualified and experienced crew at sea and professional team at shore.


Specific routines are set up and attended to in a time-bound schedule:

  • Well-developed systems and market updates help pinpoint and expedite stores and spares procurement plan. Inventories of stores and spares and planning/budgeting of adequate consumable stores plus carriage of minimum quantities of spares per equipment/machinery as per regulations.
  • PSM - Planned Maintenance System ensures strict control over operations and cost, Bi-monthly Work Done Report (Deck & Engine) are communicated to office from the vessels.
  • Planning and Lining-up of officers and crew with ship specific experience holding applicable certification for the type and class of vessel.
  • Organize Management Information System covering accounting payroll, budgeting and cost control, purchasing and crew management functions.
  • Assessment of various Certification and Survey status, compliance with requirement of Flag Administration, Classification Bodies and Standard Trading requirements.
  • Our inland and overseas good industrial and business relations produce services on a priority basis.
Always Dependable