IMC Registration Services

Our professionalism as well as our persistence in quality of services rendered has helped us tremendously in building a very good reputation and a reliable client base within our market. Our organisation is certified to ISO 9001:2000, international quality standard, for the purpose of Ship Registration, which is an additional proof of our commitment to quality.


During the years of our operation we were heavily involved with Ship Registrations and accordingly we have acquired an in depth ´know how´ and expertise on ship registration procedures and practices.


Presently we have been appointed as Official Maritime Registrars from Georgia Flag Administration, which is a growing relatively ´new´ open registry. Additionally we have established an efficient long term co-operation with Panama Registry, which is the leading registry of today´s maritime industry in term of the total Gross Tonnage. As our latest achievement, we have been appointed as Official Maritime Registrars of Cambodia Flag Administration in Greece & Egypt (August, 2005).


Our services on behalf of the Flags of Convenience (Georgia, Panama and Cambodia) can be divided into two major areas;


A) Ship's Registrations B) Administration Services
  • New Building Registration
  • Yachts Registration
  • Provisional & Permanent Registration (Change of Flag)
  • Bareboat Registration
  • Special Registration
  • Issuance of Deletion Certificates
  • Issuance of Non Encumbrances Certificates
  • Annual Taxes & Maintenance of Registry
  • Endorsements of Certificates of Competency (as per STCW 95)
  • Consultants for Ships Registrations.

Our Experience and advantages after a long & continuous progress in this field can be summarised as follows:

  • No hidden Costs
  • Personal Commitment
  • Professionalism & Quality in or Services
  • Fast Registration & Administration procedures
Always Dependable