This is the Shipbroking and Commercial Management arm of the Appliqué group. It is staffed by qualified personnel including Master Mariners and Shipping Law graduates.

Key Benefits

  • Totally Professional and Absolute Transparency of ship broking
  • Free Legal and operational shipping advice
  • Pre-empt most foreseeable shipping delays and hiccups


All of our shipbrokers have been selected for their suitability to the trade, ship-type, experience and are regularly trained to ensure continual updating of changes to regulations in order to perform Shipbroking services to a very high and exacting standard.

Each shipbroker serving our valued clients is backed by the expertise, knowledge and exacting standard of ship-chartering practices. Armed with sea sailing first hand experience and rigorous training programs, we invariably out-performs other brokerage houses in this part and pre-empts unnecessary delays and time lost, especially when dealing with different types of specialized vessels.


To further enhance our services, we have access to a large pool of shipowners, shipoperators and shipcharterers. At present, these clients are located in the Asia region, but we work with our close counterparts and associates to tap into other regions and in any geographical areas as required.

Always Dependable