Comprehensive service

We can tailor a ISO, SMS and ISPS system which best suits your environmental and safety management needs, offering a combination of crewing, operational, technical, shipboard operations and emergency response procedures and policy requirements to meet the ISM Code. We will update our clients with regular information regarding the status of their SMS implementation process to ensure that scheduled deadlines are met. Updated online information is constantly available on our client's electronic mail (e-mail) if so desired.

Individual and flexible solutions

The individual service which we are able to offer each of our valued clients ensures that they obtain the maximum advantage from their business relationship with us. Each consultancy is developed in close co-operation with the client and understanding their business needs. Flexibility is an essential element in managing ISM - Safety Management System. AMPL has the flexibility to adapt to any given situation.

Marine Quality Assurance - A tradition of quality service

The host of ISM services provided by AMPL are, inter alia:

  • ISM Consultancy
  • ISM Training
  • ISM Internal Audits
  • ISM Documentation & Manuals
  • ISM Software Applications
  • DOC & SMC Procurement
  • DPA Contracts
  • SMS Maintenance

We provide the service of writing ISM Code Documents which includes, inter alia:

Safety Management Manual - The Company's Policy

  • Company Procedures Manual
  • Fleet Instructions Manual
  • Shore-based Contingency Plan
  • Shipboard Contingency Plan
  • Work Instructions
  • Contact Information
  • Cargo Gear Securing Manual (Optional / Additional)

Environmental and safety issues

We are committed to providing SMS systems which have minimum impact on the environment. Inevitably, ships transport most of international trade cargoes. We are determined to project ships as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport available, which will help to reduce the impact on the environment.

The safety of all that come into contact with our SMS system is of extreme importance to us. Safe operations are not pure luck; they are the result of proper training, careful planning and systematic procedural approach to work operations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the SMS system is implemented and executed to a high standard.

Increasing environmental awareness and the tightening of legislative control demand a high level of knowledge of the regulatory process, meaning that ISM Safety Management System really has become a job for specialists. We closely follow regulatory, market developments, and are active members of related industry associations.


Once we have received your questionnaire, We will provide the client with a comprehensive and competitive fee schedule which is valid for 3 months from the day the quotation is issued.

An accompanying contract document outlines the conditions and terms of the Consultancy Service which can be enhanced to include an ISO 9002/14000 Consultancy at a nominal fee.

Always Dependable