IMC Class Services

The involvement of the IMC GROUP with class surveys and certification lines since early 1989. At that time, IMC GROUP has been appointed as a Mediterranean and Red Sea representative office of "Joson Classification Society of DPR of Korea" (JCS).


On June 2001 IMC GROUP, having the experience on classification surveys for 12 years has established an independent company ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION acting in the classification field. ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION has developed it's own quality management system including a complete series of guiding work instructions, procedures for performance and reporting of surveys. The quality management system of ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION is in accordance with I.M.O. regulatory framework, and it is certified as a maritime classification to ISO 9002 quality management standard requirements.

ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION has in its Head Quarters a group of marine technical professionals that consists of ex-Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, and Auditors that mutually cover every technical or administrative aspect that a classification society is involved with. The company has also established a worldwide network of qualified Representatives / Surveyors (in most of the major ports of the globe) by applying strict selection criteria in accordance with I.M.O. relative resolutions. Furthermore ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION has achieved to be recognized by a number of P&I and H&M Insurance Companies.


On this capacity ISTHMUS MARITIME CLASSIFICATION can offer following class services/certificates:


  • Classification Certificate for Hull
  • Classification Certificate for Boiler
  • Classification Certificate for Reefer
  • Certificate of Test and Examination of Lifting Appliances and Loose Gear
  • Classification Certificate for Machinery
  • Classification Certificate for Non Self Propelled Vessels
  • Classification Certificate for Bottom, Propellers Shafts, Rudders Towage Certificate
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